Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends

Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends is a regular podcast series that focuses on current technologies and practices that help fleets achieve the best possible freight efficiency for their given application. It also will provide insight into emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles and their potential impact on freight efficiency.

NACFE’s Executive Director, Mike Roeth, will interview executives from the trucking industry and other parties that are interested in improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of goods movement in North America this includes currently available technologies as well as emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

If you would like to suggest a topic for this podcast, please contact Denise Rondini, NACFE’s communications director, at

Ep 55 – Venkatesan Murali, founder and chief technology officer at Merlin Solar, talks about informed risk taking, how he got into solar, why commercial transportation is a key space for solar and how he learned to speak the language of trucking. He also explains the importance of articulating the ROI equation and providing hard data to fleets. He shares his thoughts on solar’s applicability to electric vehicles and about being open minded as we navigate to the future.

Ep. 54 – Sean Larkin, director of sales and business development and Amply Power, talks about charging management, why electricity rates change based on time of use and demand, charging as a service, and how we’ve moved from the chicken or the egg discussion to the chicken and waffles discussion when it comes to EVs. He also talks about the importance of bringing all stakeholders together to help scale vehicle electrification and the need to focus on service and maintenance of chargers.

Ep. 53 – Jennifer Wheeler, senior program manager at NACFE, talks about her career at Walmart, how to adjust operations to accommodate new technologies, what excites her about her work with NACFE, her passion to be of service to the trucking industry, and NACFE’s report on electric vans and step vans. She also encourages fleets to talk with each other about what they are doing in the area of electrification and how important it is for them to be part of the solution.

Ep. 52 – Diane Newton, an associate vice president at HNTB, talks about the company’s role in transforming how freight gets move and intelligent transportation systems She also shares takeaways from the Columbus, Ohio Smart City project, talks about the I70 truck automation corridor project and encourages everyone to stay engaged and understand the role of technology in transportation.

Ep. 51 – Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, talks about why the organization was formed and the purpose it still serves.  He also talks about how his childhood influenced his interest in air quality, the apples to oranges comparison of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, why diesel will continue to be the dominant fuel for the next several decades and the things that can be done to make diesel even cleaner than it is today.

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